Explaining your job and career development at the dinner table. 

Are you a Career Development Practitioner? CDPs help individuals navigate learning and work transitions across the lifespan.

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This webinar series offers insights and practical skills to help you – and those you work with – flourish in the current and future challenging times. Topics include cultivating everyday mindfulness, navigating challenging emotions and managing negative cognitive filters.

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Webinar Series: How to Remain Energetic, Optimistic and Well-Balanced Post-Pandemic Times – and Help Others to Do the Same.

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This year, for Career Month, we’re having a national conversation what’s possible. Whether you’re a student, a Career Development Professional, a parent, or someone who is simply thinking a little bigger about their own career journey, participate in a career conversation this year! (You won’t regret it). To find out what is possible, Career Month

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November is Career Month


Ongoing Programs

The Murphy Centre’s SOAR project is in collaboration with Trades NL, ABTEC and NLCA. It is designed to support the academic and employment goals of those training for the skilled trades, as well as employees currently working in the skilled trades.

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New Murphy Centre Program