Challenge Factory is incredibly excited to announce the upcoming launch of our new report: Hidden Sector, Hidden Talent: Mapping Canada’s Career Development Sector

Career development professionals are hiding in plain sight. Despite their dedication and deep expertise, the sector is an underused and overlooked resource at a time when Canadians need it most.

Here’s the flip: The career development sector has virtually unlimited potential to lead on employment, work, education, purpose, and community issues across Canada. First though, it needs basic, comprehensive data about its full size and membership.

By documenting who does career work and where they do it, we’ve developed a first-of-its-kind evidence base that can advance future research, programming, and a range of other initiatives. The work is only just beginning—and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Hidden Sector, Hidden Talent will help Canada’s career development sector demonstrate its socioeconomic impact, understand its professionals’ learning needs, and advocate for public recognition. In doing so, millions of Canadians struggling to adapt for the Future of Work will benefit from a sector primed to help.