At CPC, we understand the importance of empowering individuals to take charge of their learning journey. As a result, we are now offering members a new and powerful avenue for growth – Self-Directed On-Demand Courses

Course material is updated regularly so that CPC members are always presented with leading-edge information. The budget-friendly $75 per course fee grants members unrestricted access to all course materials, making it an even more compelling and cost-effective choice. 

Courses are also incredibly convenient and flexible. You will:  

• Save on educational costs. There is no need to spend money on expensive tuition fees or textbooks. 

• Focus on the competencies you need or want to acquire. You can avoid spending time and money on subjects that may not be relevant to your goals. 

• Study from the comfort of your home. Eliminate any financial burdens related to transportation and accommodation. 

• Work while learning. You’ll be able to continue to support yourself financially and progress your career development without incurring a break in employment. 

• Learn at your own pace. Take your time to thoroughly understand new or complex topics, or go through material quickly if you’re already familiar with it. 

• Get unlimited access. This benefit enables you to adapt to changes and new challenges without having to invest in formal education again and again.

Self-directed courses are exclusively available for CPC members. Once you have purchased the course, you’ll have continuous access to the content for as long as you maintain your active membership status. Learn more about how you can benefit from CPC’s self-directed courses.