The CDP profile(2021) is the result of collaboration across the country that included many practitioners from NL through coffee consultations, expert focus groups and steering committee participation.  

Join the online national community of practice hosted by the CCDF. Check out the CEC group page for CDPs from Newfoundland and Labrador. Connect today to build your network and see more of the Canadian professional community. 

CERIC surveyed 500 Canadian executives in more than 11 industries including service, retail, hospitality, construction and manufacturing.
The survey also provides comparability to CERIC’s 2013 survey to track differences within the past eight years.

The newly formed LD-ACE (Learning Disabilities Awareness and Empowerment Project) presenter team is ready to present via zoom all over Newfoundland and Labrador. These presentations are a special opportunity to learn the joys and challenges of this unique way of walking through the world of school, employment, self-advocacy, relationships, and mental health.

They are always looking to expand their network of individuals interested in immigration in St. John’s. If you are interested in getting involved in a working group, collaborating on a project, or learning more.

Update on new PR pathways  The new pathways to permanent residency for essential temporary workers and international graduates announced in April have been popular. The international graduates stream has reached its cap, but the temporary workers streams remain open. These temporary policies help temporary workers and international graduates who are already in Canada to apply