Are you an adult who struggles with Reading or Math; who lacks organizational and communication skills, or who has low self-esteem because of a learning disability? Does this sound like someone you know? your kid, a friend, your partner?


YES, we can help and bring a difference in your life and it might be life-changing!
We know it’s not always easy to come forward but we can assure you that we have staff members who have learning disabilities, who are able to understand you and your struggles; who can be your true ally in overcoming the barriers posed by learning disabilities.
We DO NOT require any formal diagnosis from you!

It’s never too late. Let us help you. Together we can make a change in the province!

With support from the government of Newfoundland and Labrador, LDANL is now able to offer a number of free services to the adult LD population across the province. We responsibly recognize that LDANL has a key role in improving the adult basic literacy in the province by supporting adults with LD, who unfortunately haven’t received appropriate and timely interventions and accommodations in overcoming the LD barriers.