Calling all managers, leaders, supervisors throughout career development / employment and training services sector. Your voice matters – help us help you better! The Canadian Career Development Professional Centre ( launched a training pilot last year focusing on delivering training for frontline practitioners across Canada. We learned a lot and now the focus is on leaders such as yourselves!

Your role as a supervisor, manager, or leader in career development/employment services is vital. Juggling various responsibilities, you shape the success of both your organization and the individuals under your care. Your unique insights into career and employment services are crucial for a national initiative aimed at enhancing support for professionals like you. Sharing your experiences and challenges in this brief survey will ensure our work is grounded in your context and the realities that you face. If you are a supervisor, manager, or leader we hope you can find time to complete the survey. If you are not in a leadership role, we’d ask that you please pass this along.