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Dr. Lorraine Godden (Ironwood Consulting and Carleton University) is working with two researchers from Queen’s University and the International Centre for Guidance Studies at the University of Derby, in the United Kingdom, on a CERIC funded project to explore career-related learning and fundamental skills development activities in elementary schools across Canada.

They are examining how teachers in grades 4-6 develop critical transferrable skills, such as communication, teamwork, and adaptability, and career-related learning. As part of this study, we are very interested in learning more about what educators and people who work with children in grades 4-6 (approximate age 8-12) think about such skills, and in particular which skills they feel that young children should be developing that will support them through their schooling and eventually into work.

They are kindly asking if you would be willing to distribute our survey across your membership and or network? The infographic links below has QR codes to the surveys. The surveys are available in English and French.

They know that lives are busy these days, and we would like to thank you sincerely for reading this message, and for your assistance in survey distribution should you feel able to do this.

Please contact Loraine if you require any further information.

Lorraine Godden, PhD FHEA
Senior Partner, Ironwood Consulting
Email: lorraine@ironwoodconsulting.ca
Tel: +1 613 453 6219