Free Workshops & Downloadable Workbooks

UP Skills for Work helps learners develop key employability skills through free workshops and downloadable workbooks.

Host a Workshop

In a recent national Literacy Practitioner Survey, conducted by ABC Life Literacy Canada, the learning community identified workplace skills as a top priority for Canadian learners. UP Skills for Work focuses on the employability skills that learners require most to find and succeed in their employment. The program is designed for flexible delivery in community learning centres, workplaces and homes to ensure that UP Skills for Work is accessible to everyone.

Who can run a workshop?

  • Libraries
  • First Nations
  • Senior Centres
  • ESL Programs
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Parenting Programs
  • Employment Centres
  • Health Centres 
  • Senior Centres
  • High Schools
  • Youth Support Programs
  • Disability Support Programs
  • ...and more!

How does the program work?

UP Skills for Work is all about what works for your learners. That means you pick when the workshops happen. Fill out a Learning Workshop Agreement for the program you want to run, and send it to us. Then we ship you the workshop materials!

Workshops are delivered by your staff. Do you need a lot of soft skills know-how to deliver a workshop? No. UP Skills for Work is completely introductory, and if your learners ask you a question you don’t know the answer to—even better. It shows that workshop facilitators have learning to do, too! It’s an opportunity to find the answer together.

We know that delivering new programming can be challenging: it takes time to prepare, and sometimes means coordinating coffee, snacks, and transportation for clients. That’s why ABC provides a $50 honorarium for each workshop you run for your clients. Submit your completed learner evaluation forms within 2 weeks of running the workshops, and ABC will send your organization a cheque!

Check the Resources page for upcoming webinars for practitioners.


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