CSC NL, in partnership with the Department of Immigration, Population Growth and Skills (IPGS), is offering AMPLIFY again in 2021.

AMPLIFY is a wonderful program with the objective of providing employment for targeted youth who may have little work experience or who may face challenges in locating employment. It also offers 25 hours of career and personal development as part of the paid employment period. AMPLIFY encourages opportunities for the participants to build networks and connect with peers. We’d also love to reach out to newcomers.

AMPLIFY employment periods will occur largely in the summer months [July-September 2021] with others taking place in the Fall 2021/Winter 2022 periods.

To help deliver the program, CSC NL is seeking partners (nonprofit or business groups) to be Host Organizations who have experience in facilitating or creating employment for youth and delivering development learning to youth; some of whom will be referred by AMPLIFY.

Download the AMPLIFY EOI Announcement and the Expression of Interest form.

Apply online

If you are interested in becoming a Host Organization, please return the Expression of Interest to CSC NL by June 21. The selection of Host Organizations will be determined by a number of criteria such as:

  1. regional distribution
  2. where the referred young people reside
  3. consideration of the number of targeted youth and the potential benefit for them
  4. your ability to arrange meaningful work experiences and development opportunities carried out in accordance with published public health guidelines (
  5. the type of job to be offered to the youth
  6. the opportunity for team work
  7. the number of participants to be employed, and
  8. your plan for career development and personal growth opportunities.

We aim to be in touch to discuss your EOI by June 25. In the meantime, if you have questions, please feel free to get in touch @ 709-682-7263.