Project Updates

  • Validation of the new Competency Framework for CDPs is now underway, with over 100 CDPs reviewing and providing feedback on the final versions of the competencies that make up the framework. The content of the competencies being validated has gone through a rigorous review by hundreds of CDP subject matter experts in all 13 provinces and territories.
  • We are progressing into the second phase of the project where we will begin the journey towards national certification.
  • The National Stakeholder Committee (NSC) will continue to be the outreach arm of the initiative, ensuring respective memberships/constituencies are informed, included, and engaged throughout last 15 months of the project and beyond.
  • A new committee of CDPs, the National Certification Steering Committee (NCSC), will work to lay the foundation needed to build a sustainable and progressive certification program, including a national certifying body, that will outlast this project! 
  • Recruitment is underway to form a new working group of CDPs, the Assessment Development Working Group (ADWG), to develop the certification program assessment items, build the exam bank, and develop the certification assessment instruments. Even though the documents and tools will be developed in English, we are also looking for fluently bilingual CPDs to help with the French translation and adaptation. If you would like to self-nominate yourself to sit on this group, you can learn more about the commitment and benefits using this form. Recruitment lasts until August 7th.

In-Kind Survey

Remember, if you’ve contributed to the CDP Competence project, we want to acknowledge and report the work you’ve done to help fulfill our sector's contract with Economic and Social Development Canada's (ESDC) Sectoral Initiatives Program! Fill out the In-Kind Survey each month you contribute and let us know what you did to make the project all it can be. Over 100 submissions have been made, and the tasks range from completing surveys, participating in coffee conversations, or reviewing materials.

How many hours have been submitted already? 2,778! We are certainly on the way to meeting our goal of 10,000 hours.

Meet the National Stakeholder Committee

Elayne heads up the Community Employment Collaboration (CEC) in St. John's Newfoundland that connects Career Development Practitioners across the community, government and post-secondary sectors. Her dual roles on the NSC are to: engage as many CDPs across Newfoundland and Labrador to the project and to ensure their expertise and perspective are considered along the way. Raising the profile and professionalism of Career Development is the core goal of the CEC and its working groups.

Questions or feedback on the CDP Competence project? 

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