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Real Work

The best social program is a job. Meaningful work is an essential element of life.

Stable and meaningful employment is an important contributor to physical health, mental health and quality of life. We believe that everyone has the capacity to work and can benefit from it. Work that is valued by the employee, employer and society helps people build skills and confidence while adding value to the community. 

Stella’s Circle offers a range of employment and education programs to assist people who have had limited work experience or interrupted career paths in finding and maintaining employment. We help people discover their talents and we create opportunities for work that is both meaningful and sustainable.

Social Enterprise Training (SET):

  • 12 weeks of hands on training for participants in Food Service, Cleaning or Trades
  • In person learning
  • Ongoing enrollment with space now


  • Level I program for those with a literacy or numeracy level K - Grade 8
  • Ongoing enrollment
  • Blended model of in class and at home learning
  • Currently a waitlist but can change quickly 

RBC Future Launch Youth Employment

  • 12 weeks of pre-employment group with a focus on employability skill development and hands on learning
  • Currently accepting referrals with a start date of September 21st
  • Will combine principals of Horticulture Therapy and pre-employment programming to prepare youth for competitive employment

Clean Start

  • Combination of training and employment dependant on participant need
  • Ability to work between 2 – 20 hours a week. Mostly min wage but opportunity to advance.
  • Continuous intake. Company is growing so new referrals are always accepted

Individual Support

  • Currently accepting referrals for continuous intake 
  • Appointments available in person or over the phone as participant comfort allows
  • Employment Counselor will work with participant to develop an individualized employment plan designed to meet identified goals.

Employment & Education Location

114 Cabot Street

St. John's, NL

(709) 738-0076

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