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What We Do

Avalon Employment Inc. is a Supported Employment service serving people with developmental disabilities. Services include:

  • Job Coaching
  • Compensation for Employers for their Client support
  • Autism Employment Support
  • MentorAbility Program

Autism Employment Pilot

  • Assists persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder to obtain meaningful, long term employment
  • Session based professional development supports job seekers in job search process, developing social and communicative goals and in preparing a personalized employee tool kit for success in the workplace
  • Job Seekers under are 18 years of age or older, have a diagnosis of Autism and are able to work independently


  • A national initiative that provides education and awareness between employers and people experiencing a disability in communities across Canada.
  • Offers mentoring experiences for job seekers and disabilities (Proteges) matched with individual mentors (employers or business leaders).
  • Includes Career exploration and opportunities in their field of interest.
  • MentorAbility is designed to assist employers to become more successful in employing people with disabilities by using mentoring relationships along with creative human resources recruitment and outreach strategies. 

What groups within the community does Avalon serve?

  • Individuals 18 years of age or older seeking employment with a primary diagnosis of developmental disability; employers seeking to hire individuals with a disability.

Career Development Practitioners 

Ashley Hammond

Regional Coordinaror - MentorAbility Canada Project

Office: 1 (709) 579-4866             
Mobile: 1 (709) 727-0830

E: ashley@avalonemploy.com


Michelle Hawkins

Career Development Coordinator

Office: 1 (709) 579-4866             
Mobile: 1 (709) 727-0830

E: michelle@avalonemploy.com


Christina Higdon

Career Development Coordinator

Office: 1 (709) 579-4866             

E: christina@avalonemploy.com

Shelley Andrews

Career Development Coordinator

Office: 1 (709) 579-4866             

E: shelley@avalonemploy.com


Krista Hinks

Career Development Practitioner

Office: 1 (709) 579.4866          

E: krista@avalonemploy.com

Megan Marshall

Autism Employment Facilitator

T: 709- 579-4866

E: megan@avalonemploy.com


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