Stella’s Circle and Choices For Youth have official launched the Employment Stability Pilot.

Individuals must be receiving Income Support and employed or actively looking for employment.

There incentives being offered through the Employment Stability Pilot are:

  • Increased job start allowance ($250 up to twice a year versus $125 once a year).
  • Increased benefit overlap period (60 days versus 30 days) .
  • Employment continuation bonus’ ($250 for 6 months, $500 for 12 months, $1000 for 24 months) –this starts on the date the person is added to the pilot so even if they have been working for 6 months they won’t get the bonus until they’ve been in the pilot for 6 months.
  • Enhanced earnings exemptions (allows people to retain more Income Support benefits).
  • Modified mail back process (if eligible for Income Support, it will be paid on the 1 of the month to align with rental payments).
  • Simplified re-entry (if someone obtains full time employment and is not eligible for Income Support but loses their job, there is simplified re-entry and the person will not have to complete a full Income Support application).
  • Employment Stability Assistance – Provides immediate assistance to meet a one-time urgent need to assist a participant to maintain employment and prevent re-attachment to Income Support.
  • Extra support (from myself and a team at the mail back unit at Income Support assigned to the pilot). My main role is support people with the transition from Income Support to employment income focusing on financial literacy and self-reliance.

Key Contacts:
Sherri Payne, Choices for Youth
(709) 689-9337 (for youth 16 – 29)

Erin Holland, Stella’s Circle
(709) 738-2789 (for adults 30+)