Many have adapted to working from home during the pandemic. In many cases, their employers helped them set up their computers and trained them to work online. But not everyone is able to get this kind of help to work from home. Or just don’t have a job where to start.

Recently, non-profit organizations like RDÉE TNL, in partnership with CEN (Community Education Network), have started helping people prepare for online work while encouraging them to stay in their community.

In Focus: Stephenville

The Stephenville chapter of a band called Grow Remote launched online last Wednesday as part of the region’s Long Range Committee Innovation Week . Grow Remote is an Ireland-based social enterprise that started in 2018 in a WhatsApp group and has since grown to over 130 chapters in 17 countries. She was ahead of her time when it came to working remotely and from home, as this working model is now more relevant than ever. Grow Remote ‘s goals are first to help communities find jobs, to repopulate them by allowing people to work from home instead of being forced to move out of their area, and ultimately to help remote workers to get involved locally.

Of recent statistics show that for every job created remotely, 0.7 jobs are maintained locally (cafés, restaurants, etc.). State of current demand A study conducted in Ireland collected data from 800 people: 98% of them said they would like to have some sort of hybrid work model, 2 days in the office, 3 days at home. Let’s look at a local example to illustrate: People from Stephenville who commute to Corner Brook for work would save gas and money by embracing this hybrid work model. And above all, instead of traveling more than a hundred kilometers for 2 hours every day between the two localities, they would save time that they could spend with their families.

“Keep it Local” spirit – or stay in your area The local chapter of Grow Remote Stephenville / Telecommuting Stephenville

Launched by Andrew Hibbitts, economic development officer at RDÉE TNL, and Ian McDonald, social enterprise project coordinator at CEN, is aimed as much at people who already have a job and are looking to make the transition online as at people who would like to work online, but don’t know where to start.

They therefore planned to provide training to employees and employers to face this new reality. They will also serve as intermediaries between people who want to work online and employers who want to hire them. Eventually, they hope to use their platform as a tool for immigration and to create a satellite site outside of Stephenville.

Here on the RDÉE TNL website, we are doing our best to share the telecommuting opportunities that we spot online on our new Employment page . But we know that 70% of jobs are not even advertised Grow Remote therefore offers access to many remote job offers from other chapters of their international network. Their ultimate goal is to create a community of remote workers who will be able to share the hidden market opportunities of this type of employment with their contacts, friends and families, in Stephenville itself.

For more information on how to approach remote jobs, what you need, what to put on your resume, and to get familiar with the whole process, head over to the Grow Remote group. Stephenville / Telecommuting Stephenville on Facebook