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Eligible participants:

  • Are between the ages of 15 and 30;
  • Have valid government issued photo ID and SIN card;
  • Self-identify as having a disability (no medical documents needed);
  • Are eager to enter the workforce and obtain long-term entry-level employment; and,
  • Can navigate a virtual learning platform and/or attend daily workshop sessions with support. 

We are currently setting up intake interviews for cohort 3 which will begin June 28, 2021. Candidates can self-refer or they can be referred through an agency. Our program runs for 22 weeks. This is a paid employment integration program.

The first 8 weeks of programming (Employment Skills Training/EST), they are with us daily (blended virtual and in person) and are paid minimum wage for participation for 30 hours per week. During those first 8 weeks, we do a plethora of workshops, skill building, and upgrading. we are always expanding our training to include skills that local employers are seeking!

During the next 14 weeks (Quality Employment Opportunity/QEO), the intention is that the client is employed or actively seeking employment, with a strong focus on job development, communication with employers, individualized skill building, etc. We transition from daily workshop to weekly workshops and weekly check-ins. CCRW provides advocacy through employment facilitators (my role) to help liaison between employer and employee, communicate accommodation needs, organize workplace assessments and accommodation implementation, and do whatever we need to help our clients become successfully integrated into a healthy working relationship with an employer who partners with us.

Throughout the youths’ time with YTF, we provide access to a nutrition allowance, counselling services, workplace assessments and accommodations, a wage for all the hours they dedicate to professional development, personal coaching and guidance, and more! 

For information contact the YTF Team:


t: 709-383-0245