Organizational Profile: WRDC

Over the summer, the CEC endeavoured to profile some of our partners. We contacted our partners and asked them a few simple questions about their employment services, as well as their overall organizational mission. The first partner that we have the pleasure to profile is Women in Resource Development aka WRDC.

What kinds of employment programming does WRDC offer?

WRDC offers 3 main service types in the scope of employment: community-based information sessions for women, Employment Assistance Services, and Orientation to Trades and Technology (OTT).

Community-based information sessions aim to increase awareness of opportunities in trades and technology and to provide an overview of WRDC’s programs and services. WRDC partners with industry, education and community stakeholders to coordinate and deliver these regional sessions for women at various stages in their trades and technology careers.

WRDC’s Employment Assistance Services consist of many types of individualized supports for women looking for guidance in their career. Sessions include:

  • Employment counselling sessions
  • Labour Market Research (LMI) sessions
  • Resume/portfolio development sessions

The organization also offers assistance in:

  • Skills development application
  • Career decision making
  • Life skills development
  • Employment matching

Orientation to Trades and Technology (OTT) is a 16 week career development program for adult women that provides them the opportunity to explore and experience trades and technology occupations. Career Development Coordinators recruit participants and oversee the delivery of the OTT program.

In addition to these programs, WRDC initiates and participates in industry meetings and presentations with various companies and initiates and participates in meetings and presentations with community and education partners throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

What groups within the community does WRDC serve?

Adult women of all ages

What are WRDC’s primary goals, both as an organization and in terms of employment services?

WRDC is committed to:

  • Increasing women’s participation in the trades and technology sector
  • Advancing gender equity in the workplace
  • Providing women with the knowledge, resources and support they need to make informed career choices and successfully train and advance in trade and technology

What have been WRDC’s biggest successes as an organization?

  • Over 1850 girls in urban, rural, remote and Aboriginal communities throughout NL have participated in their Educational Resource Centre programs.
  • WRDC has educated and trained over 2,500 professionals on the benefits of gender equity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Extensive partnerships have been created with public, private, and education partners for collaboration and research opportunities.

In terms of employment services?

  • To date, over 900 women have participated in 81 deliveries of OTT since the first offering in 1999.
  • Over 6,000 women have participated in WRDC’s career counselling, training and employment assistance services.

WRDC’s “best kept secret” (aka what people tend not to know about the organization)

In 2017, WRDC celebrated 20 years of transformative and innovative equity program­ming with groundbreaking numbers of women working on industrial worksites, and employers who are truly making diversity and inclusion a business priority.

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  • November 2, 2018