Waypoints Career & Employment Services Updates

Youth are Working, Test Drive and Employment Skills Training

Waypoints Employment and Outreach Services is pleased to offer career guidance, training and assistance to those who may be facing employment barriers. Barriers may include limited employability skills, mental health, previous incarceration, education limitations such as non high school completion,  low income, immigration, or anything that you believe may lead to prevention of finding employment.

Our Youth Are Working program has been our flagship Skills Link Project since 2005 and has been extremely successful in providing youth aged 18 to 25 valuable employment opportunities and has helped our young people develop long term plans for return to school or sustainable employment. We offer up to 25 weeks of a paid employment/training combination opportunity .  Participants will have the chance to take part in five weeks of skills training, certifications and activities that will help them grow and develop their resumes. This training is followed by 20 weeks at a local company, where they will put their new skills to the test. This program helps develop communication skills, offers training such as First Aid and WHMIS, and gives youth the opportunity to develop relationships and networking with others experiencing similar employment barriers.

Along with our Youth Are Working program, we will also be offering a Test Drive program. This program is for those who may need assistance with building their resume and cover letter, interview skills or learn how to conduct a job search. Participants will have the opportunity to build their employability skills and gain real work experience with a subsidized work placement. This program allows for flexibility with hours per week, and works well for those who may have other responsibilities or limitations that prevent them from working full time.

Our Employment Skills Training and Assistance program is also available for those who are interested in taking part in different training opportunities or who would like to receive assistance with job search or skills development. Any youth with barriers to employment can take part in this program. These sessions are primarily one-on-one with personalized assistance to help the youth receive the most essential skills and evaluation, so they can to overcome their barriers to employment.

Employment Facilitators are available to discuss these programs, and help get youth on their way to successful and fulfilling careers. 

To set up a meeting or discuss our programs in more detail, contact:

Melissa Jenkins
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Christopher Pickard
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