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This research seeks to understand how foundational concepts and skills that are introduced and developed by teachers in Grades 4 to 6 connect to career-related learning in Canadian classrooms.

Supporting Career Development in Children: A Literature Review

Supporting Career Development in Children: Curriculum and Policy Review

Supporting Career Development in Children: A Review of Business and Industry Partnerships

These three literature reviews benefit:

  • Teachers – in elementary and secondary schools who are supporting their students with career-related learning;
  • Guidance counsellors – who are delivering and managing career-related knowledge, information and services across their schools
  • School leaders and district school board administrators – who are determining the scope of career-related learning across their schools
  • Curriculum developers – who are looking for worthwhile practices to incorporate into career-related programming and development
  • Policymakers – who are directing courses of action across the policy life cycle, and are evaluating the role of different policy actors within career-related policy in schools
  • Government – who are making decisions as to what career-related learning should look like in schools
  • Business and industry partners – who are making decisions to form or undertake strategies that support career-related learning in their local and broader community schools

Access the phase 1 findings: https://buff.ly/3cMttcs

Credits & thanks to our international research team: Lorraine Godden, Nicki Moore, Heather Nesbitt, Stefan Merchant.

To learn more about this project, contact Dr Lorraine Godden at lorraine@ironwoodconsulting.ca.