Launch Program at YWCA St. John's

Community Program

What is the Launch Program?

A 19 week employment program for young women and gender diverse youth experiencing multiple barriers to employment. Launch includes:

  • A  PAID 7-week virtual employment skills development group program
  • A 12 week PAID work experience in a field of interest

Launch Offers

Each LAUNCH participant engages in PAID classroom workshops including:

  • Portfolio & resume development
  • Computer software training
  • CPR & WHMIS Certifications
  • Career & education exploration

This program is for you if you are:

  • A young woman or gender diverse youth aged 16 – 30
  • Currently out of school, unemployed, or underemployed (working less than 20 hours/week)
  • A Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident, or someone who has been granted refugee status in Canada
  • Able to attend programming for 30 hours a week

3 Ways to Apply

  1. Open, save, and email the fillable form by clicking here
  2. Print and complete the application by clicking here
  3. Submit your application online, clicking here

Applications are encouraged from all members of diverse and minority groups and from folks facing various barriers to employment (including but not limited to folks who: live with disabilities, live in rural or remote locations, are single parents, experience language barriers, are recent immigrants, have not completed high-school).

Virtual access accommodations can be arranged on an as needed basis. 

Interested in applying or have questions about training? Contact Deanne at

Have questions about work placements? Interested in hosting a work placement? Contact Nourin at

The Details

YWCA St. John's
34 Harvey Road, Suite 326

Paramount Bldg, 3rd Floor

St. John's, NL

A1C 2G1

T: (709) 726-YWCA (9922)


Deanne Howlett

Program Manager

709-726-YWCA (9922) (office)

709-691-7112 (cell)
709-726-4144 (fax)

Norin Ali

Work Transition Coordinator
709-726-YWCA (9922) (office)
709-726-4144 (fax)


P.O. Box 21157

St. John's, NL

Canada A1A 5B2


(709) 765-2182