Recruitment Guidelines

In Motion and Momentum (IM&M) is a pre-employability program that offers individuals a chance to invest in themselves and experience the value of contributing to community outside of the context of being pressured to quickly get a job or move into training.  The program builds on participants’ life experience, strengths/skills and wisdom and fully acknowledging their stories, challenges and achievements. It provides a space and structure to work on issues that may have gotten in the way of success in the past and prioritize goals in their life that are personally meaningful.

IM&M was built particularly for individuals who may have experienced repeated setbacks with respect to traditional learning or work…who may be perceived (or see themselves) as having “failed” often in their lives. It recognizes the inherent strengths, resilience and potential that lives within each individual and is geared to mobilizing individuals’ full potential. This program is fundamentally grounded in a respect for participants’ life experience, skills, connections and wisdom – that they are the experts on their own lives.  The program is all about providing experiences and opportunities that help them to reconnect with their potential, take charge and live the life they want to live.

Who will benefit from In M&M+?

While virtually anyone could benefit from this program, the ideal candidate would have the following characteristics:

  • A feeling of being stuck or like they have been moving in a direction that is not right for them
  • A desire to try something new/different
  • A minimum Grade 5 literacy level
  • The capacity to function as part of a diverse group
  • Some stability with respect to addictions and/or health (physical/mental), housing, food and finances (NOTE: this program can accommodate unforeseen crises, but ideally, participants would enter the program with some degree of stability in their life)
  • Access to dependent care (as necessary)
  • Access to transportation if being delivered face-to-face
  • Basic digital literacy and access to technology if being delivered remotely
  • A desire and commitment to participate fully (attend every session and actively contribute to activities)