CORNER BROOK, NL (November 23, 2021) – The NL Workforce Innovation Centre (NLWIC) has kicked off a series of regional workforce development meetings over the last several weeks focused on the creation and retention of a diverse, inclusive, innovative and productive workforce.

Ten Regional Workforce Development Committees (RWDCs) are in the process of being implemented. The objective of these committees is to develop regionally tailored workforce development work plans, supporting a healthy and productive labour market now and into the future. 

In November 2019, the provincial government released The Way Forward on Workforce Development, which included four new activities mandated to NLWIC. One of the activities was to establish these committees in collaboration with the Department of Immigration, Population Growth and Skills (IPGS).

These committees, comprising provincial and federal government departments and College of the North Atlantic, will serve as ongoing planning platforms for localized labour market activities and initiatives. These groups are charged with developing and implementing regionally-tailored workforce development actions plans – specifically: 1) developing and disseminating labour market information; 2) identifying priority focus areas for training and development; and, 3) collaboratively using labour market programs and services, including immigration-related supports.

According to Sharon McLennon, NLWIC Director, “These Regional Workforce Development Committees will be integral to working within their regions to create and retain a diverse and inclusive, innovative, and productive workforce. The work will assist with economic recovery in Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as the health, well-being and economic prosperity of all of our regions, its people, and the province overall.  The RWDCs will work collaboratively through their continuous action planning and doing to connect these dots.”

As part of the process, NLWIC will invite local, regional and provincial stakeholders identified by the regional committees to address priority issues with practical ‘made-for-Newfoundland and Labrador’ solutions. Employers, sector associations and organizations representing job seekers and underrepresented groups will be asked to identify their workforce development needs, as well as how to best collaborate to support these needs.

A concurrent research project funded by the Future Skills Centre will test and evaluate the design, setup and operations of the RWDCs as a new model of workforce development in NL during this first rollout. The evidence stemming from these sessions will be shared in a roadmap or “playbook” with NLWIC, IPGS and other stakeholders in Canada and beyond to inform the future operations of the committees.

For further information, contact:
Sara Power
Media/Information Officer, NLWIC