At the CEC we get to know folks working in a wide variety of career and employment contexts. Student Development Officers at CNA are a key piece of the career development ecosystem. Join us in a shout out to the following CDO/CDPs.

Well done, Career Development Practitioners Tony Slade, Sarah Briffett, Sherri McNeil, and Jennifer Burge on certification!

Tony Slade | Student Development Officer B

Tel: 709/758-7011 | E:

Jennifer Burge | Student Development Officer B

Tel: 709/758-7388  | E:

Sarah Briffett | Student Development Office

Tel: 709/758-7423  | E:

Sherri McNeil | Student Development Off (HQ)

Tel: 709/643-7731  | E:

The team’s completed training through the Career Professionals of Canada and were certified by the New Brunswick Career Development Association with support from Jeff Martin (Director of Student Experience) and Shirley Woodward (Associate Vice-President of Student Services). In 2023 Certified CDPs in Newfoundland and Labrador will become part of the Canadian National Certification in 2023!

Here is a little about Student Development Officers at CNA. 

Student Development Officers (SDOs) provide a variety of student engagement and support services at College of the North Atlantic campuses. As a student at CNA, SDOs are your first-stop for many services including preparing to become a student at CNA; financial aid information; the orientation process including sessions and activities; scholarships and awards; graduation; and becoming familiar with and following the Student Code of Conduct as well as Student Rights and Responsibilities. The SDOs also advise and support the Student Representatives Council (SRC) at each campus, which is an important part of student life. During your time as a student, the SDOs are involved in student and graduate employment programs which may include delivering job search seminars, coordinating job training placements, connecting students to industry through the organization and delivery of career fairs, and supervising student employees. As well, SDOs coordinate and participate in  local and provincial recruitment strategies including signature events as well as campus tours, recruitment information sessions, and career fairs. SDOs are a liaison between students, support staff, faculty, campus college administration, senior college management and also work together to connect and support students, alumni, employers, and friends of the College.