Sept 20, 2021

At a time like this, when employees are reevaluating priorities and employers are eager to recruit employees, this image and articles below sparked some rich conversation at our meeting last week.

CDPs working in job broking roles/employer engagement were reflecting on this being a pivotal period in the world of work for job seekers (and those advocating on their behalf). They are having meaningful conversations with employers about what defines a supportive and inclusive work environment. 

This McKinsey & Co. visual highlights what employees value versus the employer’s perspective of what their employees value, and the disconnect that exists. What jumped out to us was the difference between feeling valued and feeling a sense of belonging. It is quite different than the non-specific concept of work-life balance. Any thought?

CDPs also found these two articles worth the read. 

The CEC Job Brokers Network meet monthly

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The next Job Brokers meeting will be held on October 21st @ 10 am (NDT). If part of your role as a CDP is in Job Development, come contribute to the conversation.

Julia Bloomquist 

Julia is a CDP, consultant, meeting facilitator who supports several CEC collaborative teams including the Job Brokers Network, Autism Spectrum Support Team and Learning & Development Team. You can reach her at:

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