The core competencies provided by The Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners are the guiding principles for all Canadian career practitioners. There are a variety of best practices  to perform to strengthen their core competencies. Here’s why using LinkedIn is one of them.

C1 Professional Behaviour

C1.1 Adhere to the Code of Ethics and the Ethical Decision-Making Model
C1.1.2 Demonstrate professional attributes

Through use of LinkedIn you display professional attributes such as adaptability to new technology and communication media, curiosity about new technology, and collaboration with a widened network.

C1.2 Demonstrate a Commitment to Professional Development

C1.2.1 Demonstrate relationships with other professionals

On LinkedIn, connecting with other professionals is easy through connections and messages. LinkedIn allows you to broaden your networks and learn from career practitioners in other locations or situations. LinkedIn also a functionality for the sharing of ideas and labour market information (LMI) through their articles option and their job postings.

C1.2.2 Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning

LinkedIn is a great place to hear about upcoming conferences, seminars, webinars, and other forms of professional development to strengthen this competency. Additionally the ability to learn from your colleagues and other people in your network is heightened on LinkedIn due to the current use of the platform. People often share new things they’ve learned and new ideas they’re interested in or inspired by which is a great way for you to learn new things.

C1.2.3 Keep up to date with technology

This one is obvious. LinkedIn is a piece of technology that is becoming increasingly important in the employment industry. Not only should you be keeping up to date with it for your own professional networking, you should also have a good knowledge of LinkedIn to help your clients who will undoubtedly need a profile if they are looking for work.

C1.3 Deliver Career Development Services

C1.3.2 Collect, analyze and use information

As mentioned above, LinkedIn is a great place to get labour market information. People frequently share studies and statistics and LinkedIn itself has a section to share job advertisements. Using these resources on this platform broadens how you perform this core competency and allows for your growth as a professional.

As you can see, using LinkedIn fits many of the sections of the first core competency: professional behaviour. Though that’s not all. Stay tuned for our next article that goes over the parts of core competencies 2, 3, and 4 that are aided by LinkedIn use.