Posted April 9, 2018

Top 3 sessions @ Cannexus | Gladdale Matthews

Waypoint's career practitioner shares her favourite sessions @ Cannexus18.

  1. Mindfulness at Work

This presentation was offered by Siobhan Neary, a registered psychotherapist. Neary focused on mindfulness, which helps us reduce stress and live better. She discussed coping with burnout and unemployment and how mindfulness can be effective in dealing with these issues. She highlighted effective mindfulness techniques, how to use mindfulness at work, and why mindfulness works. This speaker was effective at actively presenting aspects of mindfulness in the session. For example, she rang a soft bell each time a slide changed, she got us to practice some breathing exercises, etc. The most important thing I took away from the session was the idea of connecting mindfulness breaks with things we do every day at work like checking email, getting a coffee, etc.

  1. Creating a Positive Digital Footprint

This presentation was offered by Anthony Berardi, a web and marketing coordinator. His co-presenter was Jean Giroux, who has had a career in assessment, program design, and education in social media. The presentation focused on the fact that one’s online image has the potential to limit or benefit them, depending on how they appear to an employer. Topics such as maintaining privacy, cleaning up one’s online image, engaging with employers etc. were discussed in detail. The focus of this session was on specific examples of how individuals have seriously damaged their employability by participating in negative digital interactions. Things like how one’s Facebook photos are viewed by others, being careful about posting opinions online, and realizing that many employers now actively look for one’s online presence before hiring, were all relevant elements that I took from the session.

  1. How to Write a Sitcom about Muslims: Very Carefully!

This presentation was offered by Zarqa Nawaz who created Little Mosque on the Prairie. The presentation focused on the challenges she experienced during her career development journey and how her culture played a role in that journey. She talked about a variety of topics including gender, faith, comedy, multiculturalism, etc. I valued this session because Nawaz’s journey was not a straight path. It was filled with disappointments and setbacks that she presented in a positive and comedic light. The focus on how she turned these disappointments and challenges into opportunities was inspiring. She very much highlighted the various impacts on career development, such as family, education, values, etc. and how there is more than one way to achieve success.


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