This workshop is an evidence-based program that reflects current trauma research. It provides career development professionals with informed skills and strategies to identify challenges, along with tangible tools to work effectively with individuals who have a history of trauma and are engaging in career development. It will also include discussions on COVID-19 and collective trauma.

This workshop is not intended to train CDPs to diagnose trauma in their clients.  It is intended to provide CDPs with the tools they need to work with clients who may have a history of trauma and who are engaging in Career Development activities. This is an interactive workshop that deals directly with trauma material.  Please note, some students may find some of the material triggering.  We will address this in the workshop and it should be known to students before they are enrolled. 

Week 1:  Fundamentals

  • Defining Trauma
  • Understanding Signs & Signals
  • Understanding impacts on Career Development

Week 2: Career Development and Trauma

  • Describing impacts in detail
  • Understanding influence of trauma on Career Development tasks
  • Understanding trauma informed practices

Week 3: Trauma Informed Career Development Practice

  • Describing strategies to work in trauma informed ways
  • Describing specific career development strategies
  • Working on case studies

Date: September 17 – October 7, 2023