STEAM is a Skills for Success training program that aims to improve employment opportunities for Persons with Disabilities.  STEAM will develop an unique, 1:1 approach for each jobseeker with disabilities to improve their Skills for Success and increase their chances of employment.*Please note that criteria for eligibility is flexible and participants may be unemployed, employed, or attached to another employability program.

Training Coaches will help job seekers by providing

  • Personalized Support and Coaching   
  • A Training and Development Plan  
  • Improved skills for employment with our eLearning modules (see below) as well as other training courses.    
  • Connection with other CCRW programs or external employment services as needed  
  • Learning opportunities through peer to peer and group learning sessions
  • Confidence building   

9 Essential Skills eLearning Modules  

Jobseekers will access our innovative eLearning modules focusing on the Skills for  Success. Below are the modules available to jobseekers:  


Adaptability is your ability to achieve or adjust goals and behaviours when expected or  unexpected change occurs. Adaptability is shown by planning, staying focused, persisting, and  overcoming setbacks.

  • Accept Your Responsibilities
  • Regulate Emotions When Appropriate
  • Adjust Priorities at Work
  • Navigate Controlled and Uncontrolled Work Environments
  • Receive and Seek Feedback at Work


Collaboration is your ability to contribute and support others to achieve a common goal. 

  • Facilitate, Participate, and Contribute to Meetings
  • Value Diversity and Inclusion at Work
  • Work Well with Others and Improve as a Team Member
  • Resolve Conflict in the Workplace
  • Achieve Common Goals as a Team


Communication is your ability to receive, understand, consider, and share information and ideas  through speaking, listening, and interacting with others.

  • Speak with Purpose and Clarity
  • Adapt to Your Audience
  • Navigate Different Communication Methods (Non-verbal, telephone, text)
  • Listen with Intention
  • Listen to Understand

Creativity & Innovation

Creativity and innovation are your ability to imagine, develop, express, encourage, and apply  ideas in ways that are novel, unexpected, or challenge existing methods and norms.

  • Creative Writing
  • Innovate for Accessibility
  • Value Your Perspective
  • Turn Creative Ideas into Actions
  • Brainstorm Creative Solutions Using Your Creative Muscle


Digital is your ability to use digital technology and tools to find, manage, apply, create, and  share information and content.

  • Use Microsoft 365
  • Safe Navigation Online (Job scam awareness, Malware and Viruses, Creating a Strong Password)
  • Create a Professional Digital Footprint
  • Work Remotely
  • Use Digital Tools and Accessibility Features at Work


Numeracy is your ability to find, understand, use, and report mathematical information  presented through words, numbers, symbols, and graphics.

  • Identify Tasks that Require Numeracy
  • Make Estimates and Take Measurements
  • Understand Revenue, Expenses, and Budgets
  • Scan, Skim, and Pick out Important Information
  • Share Mathematical Information, Results, and Implications

Problem Solving

Problem solving is your ability to identify, analyze, propose solutions, and make decisions.  Problem solving helps you to address issues, monitor success, and learn from experience.

  • Identify Problems in the Workplace
  • Gather and Collect Information to Solve a Problem
  • Analyze the Problems
  • Methods for Problem Solving
  • Evaluate the Effectiveness of a Solution


Reading is your ability to find, understand, and use information presented through words,  symbols, and images.

  • Follow Instructions
  • Evaluate Text-Based Information (Strategies for reading at work) 
  • Overcome Barriers to Reading in the Workplace
  • Identify Important Information in a Document
  • Analyze Job Descriptions for Inclusivity


Writing is your ability to share information using written words, symbols, and images.

  • Write Effective Professional Emails
  • Write a Disclosure Statement
  • Overcome Barriers to Writing
  • Write in a Professional Style
  • Reviewing and Revising Your Writing

For more information and to register please contact:
Sara Burrows
t: (709) 754-1217 | ext 303