Why Consult? Outlining the Benefits of the Upcoming CCCD Consultation Project

Why Consult? Outlining the Benefits of the Upcoming CCCD Consultation Project

What is Consultation?
Consultation is an opportunity for your unique perspective to be shared! This upcoming  CDP Competency Framework consultation project is about the CCCD hearing from a broad range of CDPs about what the delivery of services looks like from their desks and the potential impacts of this framework on both their individual work and the career development profession as a whole. 

This specific consultation will consist of 3 hour informal coffee and chat sessions held all over Canada. During these sessions, CDPs will be able to review the new CDP Competency Framework and share their thoughts with the facilitator. 

Why Consult?
The consultation process is extremely valuable to both those providing their perspective and those receiving it, in this case the CDPs and the CCCD respectively. Consulting allows for CDPs’ experiences and situations to be fully understood and considered when creating new frameworks that will govern their work. It also allows for the CCCD to move forward with the knowledge that they are working effectively to create meaningful frameworks that are in line with the current state of the career development profession as well as the future of the profession.  

Who Benefits?
As mentioned above, both CDPs and the CCCD benefit from these consultations. However these two parties are not the only people who will benefit. Other people positively impacted by these consultations include: 
  • Your Clients

    When you have a clearly outlined competency framework that is informed by a broad range of CDP perspectives, you are better able to provide excellent services to your clients.  
  • Your Agency

    With a clear framework governing your work your agencies are better able to evaluate your performance and recognize your work. 
  • The Community at Large

    When your competency framework has been created by and for CDPs to help clients more effectively, your clients are then able to continue on to positively impact their own communities.  
If you’re interested in getting involved with these consultations, check out our article about the project here, and go to our calendar to register!
  • October 11, 2019