#WhereDoIStart: An Introduction

Happy Career Month! Canada Career Month 2019’s tagline is “Explore the Possibilities.” We here at the CEC decided that our interpretation of this messaging would be to spread public awareness of the 6 stages of career development and help people find out what stage they are in and how to continue their journey. To do this, we have developed our #WhereDoIStart campaign!

We have just launched a #WhereDoIStart page on our website, accessible from the homepage. This page has three major features: firstly, it outlines each career development stage; secondly, it gives people statements to identify with to help them understand what stage they are in; and lastly, it provides people with workbooks developed by the CCCD to help guide them in their career development journey. The aim of this page is to get people thinking about career development and the stage they are starting from; Job Readiness, Career Decision Making, Skills Enhancement, Work Search, Job Maintenance, or Career Growth? 

Each step was highlighted on our career month cake. 

We will also be releasing articles weekly that put a spotlight on each of the different stages of career development and what it means to be in that stage. These articles will be the expanded version of the summaries on the #WhereDoIStart page.

We invite all CDPs to share this page and these articles, not only with each other, not only with their clients, but with everyone! Share this with your friends, your family, your neighbours, your hairdresser, your barista, Everyone! Career development is for everyone and that’s what Career Month is all about. 

  • November 1, 2019