This team consists of Career Development Practitioners (CDP) from community, government and post secondary institutions. In partnership with the Autism Society of Newfoundland and Labrador, CDP's are working as a mentoring learning network. 

What  this team is working on:

  • Build ASD knowledge and expertise in the career & employment sector 
  • Gathering and sharing resources between practitioners delivering frontline services deliveryMentoring delivery
  • Providing support and mentorship to colleagues

Who's collaborating?

Stephanie Abbott

Community Sector Council

(709) 753-9860

Jessica Andrews

Autism Pilot Project

(709) 425-4400

Sarah O'Grady


(709) 722-2803

Natasha Luby

Murphy Centre

(709) 753-2830

Erin Holland

Stella's Circle


Christine Snow

Community Sector Council

(709) 753-9860

Alison Coady

Dept. IPG&S

Mt. Pearl Office

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Brooke Lundrigan

Avalon Employment

(709) 579-4866