Organizational Profile: Waypoints NL

What kinds of employment programming does Waypoints offer?

Waypoints offers 3 main employment programs: the Youth Are Working program, the Amplify program, and general employment outreach. Youth Are Working (YAW) is a 25 week skills link program for 18-25 year olds. It consists of 5 weeks of skills training and a 20 week work placement. Amplify is a summer employment program that consists of 25 hours of career development and a 6-8 week work placement. Waypoints’ employment outreach is general programming for any youth looking for assistance and consists of both individual and group supports.

What groups within the community does Waypoints primarily serve?

Youth aged 15-30

What are Waypoints’ primary goals, both as an organization, and in terms of employment services?

Overall, Waypoints’ goal is to offer support to youth in a variety of areas. In terms of employment, Waypoints works to connect youth to meaningful employment

What have been Waypoints greatest successes, both as an organization, and in terms of employment?

Engaging youth in general is considered a great success to the organization. More specific employment related examples include when a short term employment placement gets extended and when clients decide to return to school.

Waypoints’ “best kept secret” (aka what people tend not to know about the organization)

As with many community agencies, people tend to overlook the breadth of supports Waypoints has to offer its clients. They can provide referrals to other agencies, first aid training, and school tours, and are very flexible to their clients’ needs.

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P.O. Box 21157

St. John's, NL

Canada A1A 5B2


(709) 765-2182

  • November 8, 2018