Organizational Profile: Single Parents Association

What kinds of employment programming does SPAN have? 

SPAN offers 2 types of employment services in St. John’s and Carbonear: class sessions and individual counselling. Class sessions are 5 week, half-day sessions that cover topics surrounding career planning. Individual counselling allows clients to work one-on-one with a career practitioner and the services provided can range from referrals to resume updates to interview prep to development of life skills.

What groups within the community does SPAN serve?

SPAN serves single parents receiving, or at risk of receiving, income support.

What are SPAN’s primary goals, both as an organization and in terms of employment services?

Helping single parents return to work or school and become financially independent.

What have been SPAN’s biggest successes as an organization?

SPAN has been operating for 20 years and they pride themselves on being open-minded and working well with the community. This has translated to broad, and successful, referrals, and the formation of many great partnerships.

In terms of employment services?

The biggest employment success for SPAN is helping single parents find what they want to do; taking their interests and turning them into meaningful employment.

SPAN’s “best kept secret” (aka what people tend not to know about the organization)

Again, like other community organizations, SPAN offers a much broader variety of services and supports for their clients than people tend to know.  

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P.O. Box 21157

St. John's, NL

Canada A1A 5B2


(709) 765-2182

  • November 13, 2018