Organizational Profile: John Howard Society

What kinds of employment programming does JHS have?

The John Howard Society offers the C-STEP program which provides intensive rehabilitative services to offenders and ex-offenders. There are two main portions to the program: Cognitive Restructuring-Based Group Interventions, and Employability Skills Development.

Employability Skills Development mostly refers to career practitioners working one-on-one with clients to help them gain employment, but also includes:

  • Employment Preparation Program

  • Individual Employment Counselling

  • Youth Services Program (YSP)

  • Workplace Safety Workshops

  • Computer Tutoring Program

  • Linkages Program

  • Drop-in Services

In addition to the C-STEP program, John Howard also offers 4-5 employment groups per year. These are single group sessions that run a couple of hours and focus on specific employability skills. Examples include focused resume writing and interview skills.

What groups within the community does JHS serve?

The John Howard Society serves people who have had trouble with the law. Referrals to their programs come from anywhere and everywhere.

What are JHS’ primary goals, both as an organization and in terms of employment services?

The overall goal of John Howard is to develop programming that reduces recidivism in the community. In terms of employment services, the goal of the organization is to connect their clients with meaningful employment opportunities and making their clients aware of their own strengths.

What have been JHS’ biggest successes as an organization, as well as in terms of employment services?

John Howard’s greatest successes come from the vast amount of connections and support their programming creates.

JHS’ “best kept secret” (aka what people tend not to know about the organization)

Many people don’t know the entire scope of John Howard’s programs. There are numerous programs offered by the organization, for example, the parenting program. Additionally, people often don’t know that they can self-refer to John Howard.

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  • November 6, 2018