Calling all Canada-based Career Development Professionals!

Do you work with individuals to help them pursue learning, find work, and learn how to manage transitions in today’s ever-evolving labor market? If so, we want to hear from you.

What is this Survey & Why should I fill it out?

This survey is being conducted by Goss Gilroy Inc. (a consulting company) on behalf of the Labor Market Information Council (LMIC), a Canadian non-profit organization, working with a group of advisors from the career development field.

This survey is part of a project whose purpose is to:

  • understand the different segments and specializations of the career service sector in Canada
  • discover the types of labor market information that Career Development Professionals need, the tools and resources they currently use to obtain it, and what’s missing.

This will help us learn more about the career service delivery sector in Canada, and build better information products for you, so you can use them to better serve your clients.

To Find Out More

To find out more about this project, you can visit the LMIC website