Techsoup preliminary round-up of resources and reflections to uphold the values of anti-racism

by Chiara C, Jun 4, 2020

"As Canada grapples with its own legacy of racism and violence, CSI program TechSoup Canada has been reflecting on the role that the nonprofit sector can and must play in fostering inclusion, equity, and dialogue.

TechSoup Canada is firmly committed to fighting racial injustice, and stands in solidarity with Black communities in Canada and in the world at this pivotal time. TechSoup is determined to continue to harness resources and community in service of education, empowerment, and inclusion and resolves to keep learning and growing so we may be strong allies always.

TechSoup has collected a preliminary round-up of resources and reflections to help everyone in the nonprofit sector think about how we can use our position to uphold the values of anti-racism, as well as how we can leverage technology as a tool for connection, learning, and responsible action."


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