Connecting Career Development and mental Health/Illness

A training event for Career Development Practitioners with Dave Redekopp & Michael Huston

Workshop Format

The workshop will be delivered in a blended format with online hosting and interactive group work. Offices wishing to participate should connect with to register and make arrangements for workshop materials and to arrange an office event host.

This workshop is important for two main reasons:

1. Mental health concerns continue to gain prominence in the minds of the public, policy makers and funders, yet we have not effectively made the case that career development interventions ARE mental health interventions! We need to remind ourselves and show others that (and how) career development services contribute to overall wellbeing.

 2. Career development concerns and mental health/illness issues cannot be separated. A whole client comes to you for help, and “seeing” the whole person will strengthen your practice. Connecting your career development services to clients’ mental health concerns, while clearly recognizing ethical concerns and your competence boundaries, will not only improve your career development services, but will broaden your conceptualization of client concerns and strengthen your collaboration with and referral to other healthcare service providers. 

The workshop will be highly interactive, allowing you to engage with your career development compatriots and learn a lot from each other. It will also be highly informative, drawing upon the latest research on the relationships between career development, work, mental illness and mental health. You will learn practical strategies for ethically considering mental health concerns in your practice, a model that will help you think more clearly about the connections between career development and mental health, and the reasons that having conversations about the impact of your work on wellbeing is so important. 

Workshop Outcomes

Participants will leave the session:

  • Aware of how mental health concerns manifest themselves in career development practice
  • Understanding ethics related to these issues and the boundaries of competency
  • Able to effectively refer to and/or work collaboratively with mental health service providers
  • Recognizing a range of career development strategies that support positive mental health
  • With a model by which to better understand career development and mental health relationships
  • Aware of the distinctions between mental health and mental illness
  • Aware of ways in which they can evaluate the mental health impact of their career development services
  • Able to use specific strategies to bolster mental health via career development practice, such as teaching clients the mental health - career development connections and responding to client disclosure of mental illness concerns with an ethically-based approach and within one’s boundaries of competence. 

The Details

September 15 & 17

1pm - 5pm

September 22 & 24

1pm - 5pm


P.O. Box 21157

St. John's, NL

Canada A1A 5B2


(709) 765-2182

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