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LinkedIn is THE Platform – Employment Collaboration | CEC

LinkedIn is THE Platform

This month, the CEC made the decision to stop using Facebook and begin focusing social media efforts on the platform LinkedIn. But why? Why move from the well-known and widely used platform of Facebook, to the more obscure platform of LinkedIn? Here are 4 reasons why LinkedIn is THE platform for career practitioners.

1. LinkedIn is vital for your career management

As a career practitioner, you know the importance of professional development and career management. This translates into a high standard of service for your clients, however it doesn’t always translate into upkeep in regards to your own career development. Career management through LinkedIn is not about looking for a job, but instead is about staying skilled and focused on your own career readiness through making and facilitating connections, and constantly learning from the bottomless well of knowledge shared on LinkedIn daily. You have the opportunity to be a role model. Take it!  

2. LinkedIn gives you access to a network of colleagues in many sectors

The current practice of using personal platforms for networking generally limits your networks to people you know well. With LinkedIn, the content is strictly professional and so your networks are broadened. You are able to connect with someone you met briefly at a conference, or someone who is working on a project you find greatly interesting without fear of the formation of dual relationships. You can connect across a vast number of sectors and create more connections than ever before. Increased connections lead to an increase in valuable information about employment trends and LMI. Stay informed and stay connected on LinkedIn.

3. LinkedIn allows you to gain and share expertise through a variety of different methods 

Articles written by those with expertise in both your sector, as well as articles that give you insight into other sectors, are easily accessible. Webinars are offered to remotely engage in valuable professional development. Publications with important LMI are shared regularly, and you have the ability to network with the 500 million professionals using the platform. 

4. LinkedIn enables you to promote the work of other career practitioners

Not only is your presence on LinkedIn of great benefit to you, it is also great for the community of career practitioners you work with. Through engagement with your colleagues’ posts and profiles, you can help in promoting the community. LinkedIn also has a feature that allows you to endorse others in your network for their skills, so you can directly boost the profile of your colleagues doing great work. Practices like these help to raise the bar for career practitioners. A refresher of core competencies, many of which are aided by use of LinkedIn, can be found here: http://career-dev-guidelines.org/career_dev/index.php/the-standards-guidelines/core-competencies

As you can see, LinkedIn is a platform with many benefits for both the CEC and you as a career practitioner. Hope to see you there on our page, Community Employment Collaboration!

  • August 2, 2018