Posted March 22 , 2018

Top 3 sessions @ Cannexus | Candace Fulford

Murphy Centre's career practitioner shares her favourite sessions @ Cannexus18.

Supporting Clients Who Want to Work in Pyjamas

Life Strategies Ltd, Military Family Services, Challenge Factory, Policy Horizons.

This session was eye opening and felt in tune with what many of us are likely already experiencing, whether we are aware of it or not. Globally, including local, we are already experiencing major technological changes on a larger and individual levels. It doesn’t seem like a stretch of the imagination when we look at the past and see how things HAVE changed. However, for those of us (myself included) who are not passionate about technology or aware of global digital changes, it can be much harder to picture the future of employment. The presentation pointed to the world of online work becoming a growing reality for workers as it becomes more accessible. They discussed how technologies are creating new infrastructure through: advanced 3D printing, Advanced Digital Networks, Data Analytics, Sensors, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Virtual Telepresence, Synthetic Biology, and Blockchains/cryptocurrency.

As they stated, emerging global digital infrastructure will drive change in the economy: We will be seeing more virtual gig workers around the world and the service economy; Manufacturing will become more local and individualized; we will see the rise of autonomous corporations, with energy and new materials being produced more locally.

Work is changing: Rise of virtual work, a global digital marketplace for labour, increase in non-standard, insecure work.

Because of this huge shift in the type of labour people will be engaging with, there is potential for the convergence or emergence of global wages (highlight cryptocurrency and block chains) and an increased pressure on outdated (or soon to be outdated) social policy, legal and regulatory frameworks.

I was relieved to hear the presenters in this session stress the absolute importance of building entrepreneurial skills sets for workers in this new world of work so that they know how to operate autonomously within a digital framework. In a global world of work where nations/provinces still have their own rules and governance, issues that were once only relevant to the entrepreneur and contractual workers will now become relevant for many workers, such as, knowing how to deal with your own deductions, workers compensation and insurance. Workers will have to think like entrepreneurs when it comes to adaptability and constant reassessment of what is working for them, building their own full time job through various sources and dealing with income volatility.

As career consultants I believe it’s important for us to know the range of options available to clients as well as what entrepreneurial skills sets they will need to build, especially as things are changing so fast. In fact, some clients, especially those that are younger, will already be aware of their new-found employment options when they walk into your office. This is new language and knowledge will continue to grow.

Bridging to a Life that “Sparkles and Shines”

Bridging Concepts, Trina Maher

I LOVED this presentation. It even made me cry because it spoke to one my passions and a necessary element of career development: discovering personal potential.

Trina was a highly motivational presenter and spoke about her rural, indigenous upbringing, her life challenges and her own positive influences. She discussed of the importance of knowing and/or creating a circle of your own personal ‘truth tellers’. As she mentioned ‘Our truth tellers are the people who can help you explore your gift, challenge you to grow and remind you of your “shine”’. During the session, she requested that we each make a private list of our own truth tellers- a valuable exercise for anyone who is trying to identify their true support network. I often refer to our/the clients support network and I felt that this was an extra layer of emphasis on who the person you are helping feels is their truth teller- this can be different from what they see as their support network.

Trina spoke passionately about Embracing Moments that motivate, turning towards (as opposed to away) from possibility and opportunity. She encouraged contributing to others daily dose of “shine”, knowing your “gift[s]” and how you can best make a contribution. She implored us to think of the legacy we want to leave behind, and how necessary it is to translate your vision into decisions and steps and then adjusting the plan if needed (“celebrate and recalibrate when needed”).

Benefits of Creative Group Work in Career Writing

Frans Meijers (The hague university) & Reinekke Lengelle (Athabasca University)

This was a highly interesting presentation to me - both because they discussed practical tools for personal self-reflection about careers/life, and because they highlighted a method of working that I discovered many people don’t realize creative people are doing every time they sit to create. The methods and tools presented encouraged visual image interpretation and analysis as a means or starting point for self-reflection. This is something that visual artists train to do within many post-secondary programs. However, the additional specific focus on career is unique and useful!

Once someone has discovered that creative way of thinking, and expressing it can be hard to “unknow it”. I was thinking during this presentation about how surprised I often am at the personal skill sets that artists and creative people take for granted. The effectiveness of creative group work has been proven time and time again and I decided to highlight this session not because it was the best that I attended, but because it was a reminder to me that many people really don’t understand the true journey of an artist in ANY artistic discipline.


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