Posted March 16, 2018

Top 3 sessions @ Cannexus | Bill Jeffery

Murphy Centre's career practitioner shares his favourite sessions @ Cannexus18.

1) Career and Mental Health: Closer Than You Think

This session with Kathy Offet Gartner, Michael Huston and Dawn Shcell was all about the link between career and mental health. It quite accurately discussed the false notion that the two fields are separate areas of concern and instead provided a model which promotes career interventions as an important component in mental health counselling. The session addressed the positive impact that we can make to a client's mental health by providing the guidance they require and it provided case studies to prove the positive impact the outcomes of these interventions had on the client's mental health. The link between mental wellness and career progress is clear and this session did a very good job illuminating that point.

2) Moving Away From the Uncertain Self To Professional Fulfillment

This was a mindful session with Sonny Wong that focused on helping practitioners to stay energized while dealing with clients' multiple demands. The content examined the uncertain self which can hinder our professional as well as personal lives and future development. Learning to identify uncertain self-talk, how to address it and work with positive narratives were all useful tools that can be applied in our daily work with our clients. As practitioners, understanding how much energy it can take to  be at our best for clients and how to maintain that energy is important and this session addressed this in a practical way.

3) Recruiting, Retaining and Engaging Individuals with Mental Illness

This session with Nitika Rewari and Krista Benes was both informative and enlightening. The fact that up to 90% of people with serious mental health condition are unemployed or underemployed was an eye opener for me. Understanding the effect of employment on an individual's sense of self worth, self esteem and confidence means there is a large group of people that are missing this element from their lives. This session shed some light on lowering this number by exploring common barriers to employment and how to utilize strategies of recruiting, retaining and engaging this particular population. We have seen an ongoing increase in mental health as a barrier to employment over the past couple of years so I found this session not only intriguing but very timely as well.


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