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Last week we gave you some basic tips to ensure your LinkedIn profile is functional and professional. This article is for anyone who wants to shake things up a bit and get the most out of this adaptable social network. Here are _ tips for anyone willing to put just that little bit extra into having a standout profile!

1.Expand your summary

In the first article we wrote about updating your LinkedIn profile, we recommended keeping your summary simple to easily get your point across to those viewing your profile. While that is still true for the advanced user, simplicity does not have to mean less information, just better presented information. According to The Balance Careers, “a profile summary should be more general than a resume summary,” so keep things open. Use broadly defined words to highlight your experience and skills to allow your profile to show up in the maximum number of searches to ensure you make the maximum number of connections.


2. Add a headline highlighting your values

The default headline that LinkedIn gives you for your account is just your current position. If you’d like to jazz things up a bit and show that you’ve put some thought into your profile and your personal brand, try writing a short sentence featuring some of your values relating to your career. Examples: “Passionate about equity, diversity, and social good,” “Making complex ideas accessible to wide audiences through a social justice lens,” etc.

3. Ask some colleagues for a recommendation

Recommendations from colleagues make you look distinguished and well-networked among those looking to connect with you. To get a few stellar recommendations, start by sending a few polite messages to people you’ve collaborated with over the years, be it through work, volunteer experience, etc. Ask them to write a brief review of your work and suggest a few skills or qualities to focus on. In return, write a quick review of their strengths. This small amount of work can turn into a huge gain. Developing your profile in these small ways makes you look more well rounded as a professional and will engage more connections.


4. Highlight volunteer experience

As you already know, volunteering can be crucial to your resume. Not only does listing your volunteer work show what networks you’ve already made through volunteering, it also shows that you care about your community outside of your job. This type of experience opens avenues as well due to skills you may have gained as a volunteer that you wouldn’t have gained at work. Connections will be able to get a better grasp of your existing networks and your additional skills which is why volunteer experience is such a valuable addition to your LinkedIn profile.

5. Add to the “Additional Information” section of your profile

The additional information section of your LinkedIn profile is where you can put things like your organization’s website, websites of your projects, a career blog, your other social media, etc. This information allows for the full scope of your work to be seen by your connections, not just your “day job” so to speak. This section also provides more points of contact to your connections and gives them more tools to reach out to you about your projects. This follows the general rule: the more information you provide, the more likely you are to gain, not just connections, but meaningful connections.

These are just a handful of tips to boost your profile to eye-catching status. You can keep tweaking your profile to your liking, adding publications, multiple points of contact, etc. The tips in this article are a starting point for updating the ever-evolving online resume that is your LinkedIn profile. Are you a LinkedIn master? Have any tips to share with us? Come tell us on our LinkedIn, Community Employment Collaboration, or our Twitter, @morebetterdiff! And don't forget to share this article with the buttons below if you found any of these tips useful!


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  • August 8, 2018