ASNL staff can provide professional support to help your clients succeed

1 in 57 people in NL are on the Autism spectrum. The great news is that solutions to making your professional practice more Autism friendly are simple and not costly. Consider a learning session for your next staff meeting or learning session.

  • One on one case consults ​
  • Staff Learning/Awareness Sessions
  • General Advice on how to meet the needs of individuals on the Autism Spectrum

ASNL staff can support other professionals working with individuals on the spectrum through tailored sessions designed to meet the needs of a particular group. Sessions can cover general information about ASD as a diagnosis and effective strategies to support individuals of all ages and abilities. Contact to discuss potential training opportunities.


Sarah White

TEACCH Certified Professional Practitioner©

Manager, Programs and Volunteers

Autism Society,Newfoundland Labrador

709-722-2803 ext 225


P.O. Box 21157

St. John's, NL

Canada A1A 5B2


(709) 765-2182

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