As communities struggle with unprecedented COVID-19 responses, we have put together some ideas to support you. 

by Tamarack Institute 

  1. Are you working remotely? – We've put together a remote orientation guide that we give to new staff. See it here.

  2. To lift your spirit, we are planning to send you a weekly letter – until the end of April – that shares positive stories and tips about communities and neighbours responding to COVID-19. Stay tuned!

  3. Finding yourself with extra time? Engage in learning! We plan to offer at least one webinar a week until the end of April. As always these are FREE. See the preliminary list of webinars.

  4. If you have signed up for a learning event or want to know if it is rescheduled (or for any reason you feel uncomfortable attending) you will receive a 100% return. See our policy here. We'll be reaching out to learners who have registered for upcoming events to update you soon.

  5. Lastly – I know you care about our team. We are all doing well. Most of us already work at home or close to home. We have generous policies that help the team manage and as this crisis evolves so will our policies.

Do reach out to us with any questions – our contact page has our direct numbers and emails. We are here to help.


Liz, Paul and the Tamarack Team