December 8, 2017

We Are Ready Report

What we heard about services, supports and opportunities for at-risk youth outside of St. John's

Youth homelessness is an issue which cuts across the many economic, social and regional challenges faced by our province. However this is a problem with known solutions and best practices. At Choices for Youth, we are ready to tackle youth homelessness strategically through coordinated and combined efforts for prevention, better supports, and smarter interventions.

Since May 2017, Choices for Youth has been on the move, on the phone, and online with people from across the province and across Canada to better understand how we can play a role in delivering services to youth outside of St. John's. This report shares the details of our approach, profiles a number of regions and the specific challenges and opportunities within them, and invites further collaboration as we head into the next steps of this process.

Browse the report below, or click here to download.


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