Resources for Canada’s career professionals navigating COVID-19

Like many around the globe, Canada’s career service professionals are navigating the rapidly changing reality of life amid COVID-19. Front-line workers are adapting on the fly, in many cases figuring out how to serve clients and students virtually, while managers are learning how to lead remote teams in real time. CERIC operations continue with employees working remotely to bring you research, education and connection during this unprecedented time.

This list is a compilation of resources and information we hope will be useful to Canadian career professionals. It will be updated over the coming weeks. If you have resources or information you think would be valuable to include in this list, please comment below or email lindsay@ceric.ca with details.

This article does not provide health information. For information about coronavirus, please visit the Health Canada website, or check with your municipal or provincial health authority.

(Last updated March 23, 5:30 p.m.)