Posted April 17 , 2018

Bridge the gApp has been redesigned for improved access.

In an effort to increase access to mental wellness information and early intervention services, Bridge the gApp has been redesigned for improved access. Bridge the gApp, a free online mental health resource, instantly connects you to self-help information, tools and local supports through a searchable service directory. The website can be viewed at external link icon.

Bridge the gApp will no longer be available through the Apple App or Google Play Stores. The redesigned website means it can be viewed more easily on a wider variety of devices such as a phone, tablet or computer making it easier and quicker for you to access services no matter what type of device they use. For those who still like having shortcuts on their mobile screen, you will be prompted to add an icon to your home screen which looks and functions just like a phone app.

New features have been added to Bridge the gApp to support mental wellness and recovery. Check out the Wall of Hope, Art Room, Online programs such as BreathingRoom ™, and a variety of tools under the Toolbox and Get Inspired/Your Space sections. You can also share what helps you in your recovery and mental wellness journey by posting under the Get Inspired/Your Space sections.


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