Yakety Yak Conversation Cafe

70%  20%  10%  Rule

There was a theory hatched in the 1980's in to how professionals learn. What they found is that learning at work happens both informally by doing, with support from our colleagues and formally during training sessions. They called it the 70% 20% 10% rule and it simply illustrated that 90% of our learning happens without us paying close attention.

They found that 70% of our learning is from challenging tasks on the job, 20 % from our colleagues and 10% from formal skills development sessions. So what does this mean for Career Development Practitioners? Well, it challenges us to recognize how much learning happens through the support of our colleagues and mentorship as well as a validation that collaborating is how we are doing the lion's share of the growth.

Here is our CEC challenge for you.

Make attending Yakety Yak Conversation Cafe sessions a priority in 2020. We zoomed in on 4 things we hear from you every month. Here is what you tell us:

  1. 1
    Attending 2 or 3 sessions a year really helps you stay up to date with the map of community, government and post secondary. It is constantly shifting - grains of sand metaphor...
  2. 2
    You feel more connected to your colleagues at other agencies and departments and less isolated; this helps you keep a healthier perspective about your work.
  3. 3
    Sharing success stories with professionals who get how hard "the work" can be is really validating and motivating. Perhaps it's time to collect some numbers on this...
  4. 4
    Tips, tricks, strategies, tactics and thoughtful ears are what you find. You are part of a community that is helping people find and keep work. GO TEAM!
  5. 5
    Every plan requires action. Add some dates to your calendar and see if you can fit 3 sessions in this year.

Winter Dates:

  • April 8th | Online
  •  May 13th |  
  • June 10th |  

Let us know if you are coming! RSVP to Elayne@employmentcollaboration.ca

If you want to be a venue host or learn how to facilitate a Conversation Cafe session, contact Elayne@employmentcollaboration.ca

The Details

Who's invited?
Any career and employment professional (Career Development Practitioner) who is here to learn, share and connect

Every second Wednesday of the month

What Time?
9:00 am to 10:30 am


Online. Join URL to be provided

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