Where are you on your path to CDP Certification?

Information Session for CDPs

"As a whole, members of the sector can be characterized as a diverse, vibrant, committed and largely satisfied professional workplace."

- Pan Canadian Mapping Survey, 2019 -

While we may be all of the things captured in the quote above, diverse, vibrant, committed and satisfied, CDP's also come to career and employment from variety of work experiences and educational backgrounds. How about education, community development, community services, social work , business, visual and performing arts, the list goes on and on.  

Collectively we bring a variety skills and experiences to the field of career development. In fact many folks in career and employment do not identify primarily as a CDP - which is perfectly okay. Many have come to their current role after 1 or even 2 other careers. This is one of the fields greatest strengths

Umbrella or Fruit bowl?

I've heard career development as an umbrella profession. But I think a much better metaphor is a bowl of fruit. Career development is the thing we have in common, it is the approach we take to help people build happy and health lives in their communities but we many do so in different ways. 

Vector illustration of a colorful fruit basket. The front and rear of basket are on layers above and below the fruit layer. Have fun! 🙂

Why we love certification

The certification and designation of CDP is a tool that achieves a number of outcomes.

  • 1. A professional title and language around what we all do helps us share our expertise. 
  • 2. It communicates to others that you are working with the professional core competencies and ethical guidelines 
  • 3. It affirms and validates your expertise
  • 4. It connects you to a field of other professionals

Learn more and or join in on the conversation for a brief overview of pathways to certification and hear why some of our CDP's took the steps themselves. 

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Information Session for CDPs

Monday March 1, 2021

10:30am - 11:30am

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